What To Expect






Waiting Room

When you first walk into our office you can’t help but notice and be greeted by the collection of wild game animals. Dr. Squires is an avid hunter and has traveled the world on different excursions. Our waiting room contains whitetail deer, a mule deer, blue wildebeest, gemsbok, moose, springbok, blesbok, and white blesbok.



frontdeskFront Desk

Upon entering you will be greeted by our friendly staff. If you are a new patient you will be asked to sign in, to give insurance information (if you have insurance), and to fill out paperwork. Any questions you have can be answered by the staff or Dr. Squires, so please do not hesitate to ask.






Digital X-Ray Room

If you need xrays, one of our office staff will call you from the waiting room and take you into our xray room. Here you will be asked to remove any metal (belts, earrings, glasses, necklaces, etc.) and tox remove your shoes. After we know the complaints and problems you are having, our staff will inform Dr. Squires about your condition and one of our staff members will take the xrays that were ordered by Dr. Squires. In most circumstances we require xrays of new patients and existing patients with new injuries.




Adjusting Rooms

Pictured is one of our four adjusting rooms. If you are a new patient, one of our staff will ask you to be seated and we will fill out information about you. If you had xrays, we will¬†process them and bring them up onto the computer screen for Dr. Squires to view with you before you’re placed on the adjusting table. Either our staff or Dr. Squires will ask you to step on the table and place either heat or ice on you while you relax before your adjustment.