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Common FAQ's

What is the education of our chiropractors?

  • Chiropractic Physicians endure 8 years of schooling: 4 years undergraduate and 4 years graduate studies to received their Doctorate degrees in Chiropractic medicine.
  • Our Doctors have also successfully passed all of the National board examinations and are fully licensed in the state of Michigan.

How old should I be before I start seeing a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors work with individuals of all ages. Back pain is one of the top debilitating conditions in the world and much of that is caused by lack of treatment to our spines over our life span. Many Chiropractors find it important to have infants and children periodically checked in hopes of providing a more stable structure during growth and development. The simple answer is to see a chiropractor sooner versus later to aid in your overall health.

Can I see a chiropractor if I have had surgeries?

Yes absolutely!

Pending the timing and type of surgery you have had it is the chiropractors job to determine what he/she can or can’t do to help you find relief in your concerns. Most structural surgeries such as back, knee, hip, shoulder will need time to heal appropriately after operation. Chiropractors work with all types of post operation individuals to help alleviate joint pressure and provide relief.

Should I pop my own neck or back?

Although doing these actions from time to time doesn’t provide a huge risk it is still not safe to try and manipulate your spine. Chiropractors are highly educated and skilled in appropriate techniques to adjust structural restrictions and subluxations. Chiropractic when done after evaluation and examination is a very safe option for many people looking for pain relief.

Is chiropractic based on real science?

Chiropractic has been around since 1895 and has developed into one of the best options worldwide for providing conservative pain relief for musculoskeletal conditions. Chiropractors have many years of science based studying to back their treatment options to patients.

Here are some research findings to show the benefits of Chiropractic care:

A 2018 review published in The Spine Journal references numerous studies spanning 17 years which involved spinal manipulation and mobilisation. The review found chiropractic methods were viable options for pain management for those suffering from chronic lower back pain.

In a study published by NCBI, 93 per cent of patients suffering from chronic whiplash syndrome improved following chiropractic treatment. Another study published by National Centre for Biotechnology (NCBI) sites preliminary evidence which suggests chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy is beneficial for patients with back-related leg pain.

In great news for those suffering from chronic headaches, a 2010 study published by NCBI concluded spinal manipulation is effective in treating both headaches and migraines.

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What our patients say about us

  • A coworker recommended Squires Chiropractic, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the suggestion. The staff at the clinic are exceptionally friendly and accommodating. The chiropractor is both knowledgeable and kind. I visited with my sore lower back, and the relief after just one adjustment was profound. I’ve seen several chiropractors in the past, but Squires is by far the best. Highly recommended!
  • I have been going to Squires for 10+ years and have consistently had a great experience. When I walk in the door, staff members know my name and efficiently get me checked in. Dr. Squires gives individualized care that relieves the exact issue. I always leave thinking I need to make it a higher priority to get to Squires more often.